Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tale of Two Trees

A couple of months ago, mom, Sheree and I went to the coolest thing I've ever been to in Hickory - dinner, wine, and therapeutic painting! I painted the tree there and then decoupaged the birds on when Sadie and I moved to Philly. I've been wanting to mat and frame the painting so that I could hang it up here. Armed with my $20 Michaels gift card (thanks honey!) and a mission (in addition, of course, to the magnet board mission last night), I found this 16x20 frame with an 11x14 mat already in it for $7 (!!!).
I'll probably hang it in the empty wall space behind the completely dehydrated, ornament-free, 7' eyesore of an evergreen. I'm pretty tired of having a giant tree in the way of perfectly good walking space other than having a great excuse not to vacuum ("I'll just do it when the tree is point in wasting energy when it'll look this way again in 10 minutes!"). Looking forward to replacing the tree with...ahem...the tree.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Mission: Magnet Board

We went to Michaels today...this is what happens on trips to Michaels. This ensemble is Daddy's contribution to our magnet board project...

Making magnets for the magnet board...we put sticky magnet tape on the back of pretty much everything we could find at Michaels...I think Sadie liked the rhinestones the best.

TA DA! A very proud magnet artist...and some of her best work.

Sadie drawing on her new magnet board and erasing my fabulous rendition of "Shaun the Sheep"

Googly eyes are great inspiration for smiley face art...

SO glad we saved these old puzzles...she got new ones (identical ones) for Christmas, so we were going to ditch these because they were getting a little worn out anyway. Farm animals, jungle animals, and shapes...we think they're nice additions to the magnet collection.

Mission Accomplished.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If at first you don't succeed...order Dominoes and blog about it.

I ruined dinner. Again. And just as I was thinking I'd have nothing to blog about! Ha! Monday, I ruined the chicken noodle soup by letting all of the broth boil out. It was just chicken...noodles. Today, I ruined chicken and broccoli casserole by putting in an (apparently) excessive amount of water, using the (apparently) wrong kind of rice, and not completely thawing my chicken breasts...(apparently).

On the upside, Eric just learned how to order Dominoes online. The night has not been a total loss.

Look! It says, "Kris began custom-making your order at 7:09pm." New favorite chef? I think so. Thanks, Kris.

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