Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wawa...I Still Don't Get It.

There is a lot that I'm still "not very good at" when it comes to living in the great state of Pennsylvania. Turning left in front of oncoming traffic, refraining from saying "y'all," and appreciating Wawa round out my top three.

If you don't live around any of these red dots...:
...then you probably need some help understanding Wawa.

  • Everyone in and around this area knows what Wawa is and knows where every Wawa in a 30 mile radius is located (and they. are. everywhere.).
  • When you ask people, "What is a Wawa?" They look at you like you just asked, "What is indoor plumbing?"
  • When you tell them that you've (wait for it) never even been to a Wawa, they vow to personally make it their life's mission to get you inside of the doors of a Wawa so that you can appreciate how UTTERLY AND COMPLETELY LIFE ALTERING it is.
  • When you tell people you aren't in love with Wawa, they look at you like you just said, "I hate puppies" or "I hate the Phillies" (that would probably be worse than hating puppies, actually).
In other words, people are obsessed with Wawa. What are you picturing in your head? Some sort of Utopian Garden with Rainbows and Unicorns? Something like the even cooler even more economical, BETTER younger cousin of a Target? An amusement park made of ice cream, lollipops, and those video clips of babies laughing on YouTube?

You are wrong.

Wawa is a (drumroll please) convenience store. Ba-dum-bum! That's right, friends. It's like those little shops attached to a gas station. It has coffee, those off-brand apple pies with green and white rappers, chewing gum, and gas station attendants. BUT GET THIS: NO gas. Ok...well some of them have gas pumps. Others are just plain convenience stores. With no gas pumps. And convenience store food. And people are in love with them.

So now you know. Don't you feel educated? Learn more about Wawa here. What's that you say? You don't want to read a wikipedia article about a convenience store? Well...clearly, you ain't from around these parts. Don't worry - I don't get it either.



  1. OH no! You're not a wawa lover? My wife is a native of Philly... I made the mistake of asking "what's a wawa?" the first time we visited her family up north. Yikes! It's like asking for mayo (instead of ketchup) on your steak sandwich. The joys of yankees. I hope you begin to at least *enjoy* the wawa. I also hope that you find the same love for hoagie rolls (the real ones) that I have.

  2. we had a very simular thing in southern Ontario while growing up.
    We had a connivence store called Avondale.
    It was spread throughout town so each neighbourhood had one. It was a great place to get penny candy :)
    in our town (Dunnville) of 12 000 people I think we had 5.
    Most often they seemed to be placed near schools or where kids would be walking. It was the place to go get any supplies you may have run out of. Our town closed at 6 and on fridays at 9 (when growing up- it has changed since) So if you needed some milk for those cookies or chips for a move (they also rented movies) you could go off to an Avondale.
    To this day I still stop myself from referring to all convenience stores as Avondales as you would refer to tissues as kleanex!

    Its very limited as you can see:,&sll=43.149094,-79.348755&sspn=1.428711,2.408752&ie=UTF8&rq=1&ev=p&split=1&hq=avondale+stores,&hnear=&ll=43.149094,-79.348755&spn=1.428711,2.408752&z=9
    (i hope that link works)

    now that you mention that its a convenience store - I think Dave and I have stopped at one (because I had to pee)and I think it did have gas.

  3. Wawa is also a small town in Ontario: My first thought was "why would she go there? There isn't anything there. How odd".

    Now that I've read your blog post, the question still stands :)

  4. I am from NH so I wasn't familiar with Wawa until I started a trucking route down to Baltimore with most of my stops in Jersey.
    There are limited places to park a tractor trailer, but a large number of the rural stores offer some amount of truck parking, so thus my reason for falling in love with them.
    I also find that the fresh foods, sandwiches (their Thanksgiving sandwich is awesome), and coffee along with their friendly service make it a great place to stop!


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