Sunday, December 12, 2010

Table Cloth Tree Skirt

I want this tree skirt:
If you would like to buy it for me, you can get it at Nieman Marcus for $650.00.

What's that? You already bought me a $650.00 Christmas present this year? Oh, well then I'll just have to take myself to Target and purchase a $10.00 60" round table cloth.

And cut it up one side to the exact center...

And not worry about sewing it because, seriously , who's gonna see the edges?

And then I'm gonna wrap the table cloth around my tree like this:

And now, even though my tree doesn't have Nieman's $650.00 tree skirt, I'm pleased. It's very wabi-sabi, and it makes me happy.

5 minute project - tops. If you finish the edges, it'll take you 15.


1 comment:

  1. Great creativity!
    I do not have a tree skirt on my tree thats up on a table.Zeke would pull it off in no time :)


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