Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Four More Boxes...

I am so. ready. to be done. with this move.

Dear Friend,

Here is my moving advice for you: hire someone else to do it. I don't care how much you have to's worth it. We're too old for this now.

On a much happier note, we have internet! As we speak, I am craning my back (and my laptop) because there's no wireless yet. We're all hooked up via ethernet cable temporarily, so I'm tethered to a modem, which is propped up about 5 feet off the ground. I could move it I guess. Just thought of that. Too late now, right? Also...I don't feel like standing up.

More pictures to come!




Monday, July 26, 2010

News Flash

We have been moving ALL WEEKEND, and will continue to be moving for the next week-or-so. In related news: the blog will be a little sporadic. I miss you all! And your blogs! And your facebook pages! And emailing you!

Pics of the new place forthcoming...


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Errant Thought Roundup 14

I love, I love, I hate, I hate
I like, I wish, for goodness sake...
I hope, I hope, I pray, I pray
I will, I won't, and for today...

I love having REAL conversations with my's so cool!
I love good hair days.
I hate shaving my legs. I still do it, mind you, I just don't like it.
I hate that my mom sent me an awesome box full of goodies, and I can't even hug her...I miss her so much.
I like Nutella. Actually, that's a lie. I love Nutella.
I wish PA was as inexpensive as NC. We're going to have to re-do our budget again...
For goodness sake, don't put people on a pedestal. Humans don't belong on pedestals. Learn this: You should hope for great things from people, but please don't expect them to be perfect. Then, when they do something awesome, it's a wonderfully pleasant surprise, but when they do something HORRIBLE, you can say, "oh well, she's only human."
I hope the class reunion actually happens. I find it hard to believe that the class who had this song as their "class song" is having a hard time pulling themselves together for a reunion:

I hope you understand - I am living 9 hours away from my hometown. With no family around. In a demanding job. With a preschooler. Moving to a new apartment. Helping my husband get through school. Shouldering a lot of responsibility in all corners of my life. With other personal things you don't know about. If I don't have time to play with you, it's because I'm playing with my husband and my's not because I don't care about you.
I pray for serenity. I'm high strung by nature.
I pray that we would get through this move without saying any four letter'll be tough. Moving always brings out the most color in our character.
I will be glad to see our giant cardboard "castle" disappear...
I won't ever understand why there are some moments when I feel all together and there are some moments when I feel whatever the opposite of "all together" is...
And for today...hands on hips, smiles on lips!


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anatomy of a Fish

Did you ever sing any version of this song?

Have you ever been a fishin'?
Have you ever been a fishin' on a bright, sunny day?
Sat on the bank and watched the little fishies play.
With your hands in your pockets and your pockets in your pants.
Watch the little fishies do the hootchie coochie dance!

Anyway - I know there are other versions out there, and you probably sang a different one, but that's the version we sang as kids. Today, I was singing that song in the car and Sadie was laughing hysterically...

Sadie: {giggles uncontrollably}
Me: "What's so funny!?"
Sadie: "MOMMY - Fishies don't have COOCHIES!"

So there you have it. Don't you feel informed?


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodnight Minnie Mouse

We're in the midst of moving, so while we have junk EVERYWHERE (take note of the lampshade in the hallway), so Sadie is entertaining herself by playing anywhere she can find an empty spot. Today, Sadie decided to put herself and her Minnie Mouse doll to bed in the hall (while wearing her Princess Tiana dress and her Hello Kitty bedroom slippers). I'm a sneaky mommy, so I recorded most of it while Sadie wasn't looking...and I don't care if you see the crap in our hallway. Maybe tomorrow I'll show you a picture of the boxes in the living room...Sadie calls it "our castle." Yes. It's that big.

Here's the Minnie Mouse prayer:
"Thank you for this floor, and don't get the monsters, and please don't do anything to wake Sadie and Minnie Mouse up."
Then she puts Minnie Mouse to bed...comfy, cozy in the trunk of her little car. Night Night!


Friday, July 16, 2010

8 Seconds of Cute

Tonight is date night, so I have to go...but before I do, I think you should know that this is the cutest, girliest run EVER.

You may now resume your regularly scheduled activities.


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Errant Thought Roundup 13: Tag Team

We're tag teamin' it tonight because I'm not creative enough to come up with my own material :) Here's to husbands who love you enough to help you write your blog.

We love, We love, We hate, We hate
We like, We wish, for goodness sake...
We hope, We hope, We pray, We pray
We will, We won't, and for today...

We love the thought of not moving again for at least the next three years.
We love seeing ourselves in the things that Sadie says and does.
We hate inept drivers.
We hate coming up with stuff we hate.
We like Mad Libs!
We wish preschool wasn't as expensive as a mortgage.
For goodness sake, cover up a little - that tube top may not look as good as you think it does. Especially on you, sir.
We hope we will find some volunteers to help us move - we pay generously in pizza and beer and/or soda!
We hope that our trip to Maine for Lisa's wedding is awesome! We're excited to see everyone, and we really need a little getaway.
We pray with for Sadie every night...while she stares at the ceiling and plays with her feet.
We pray that our efforts are rewarded.
We will really enjoy watching each other grow old. And senile.
We won't have an excuse not to exercise at our new place...where there is a gym right below us.
And for today...we're still a pretty good team.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010


We had a family bowling outing tonight! Sadie and I did about equally well. Eric more than doubled our scores. Needless to say, I let him do all the bowling coaching for the wee one...

Final Scores:
Eric: 160
Kendra: 79
Sadie: 66

My two favorite booties in the world:

Here's a video illustrating Sadie's flawless preschool bowling method: shove and run :)

Look at those cute little bowling shoes!

Happy Tuesday!


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Punkin!

Happy Birthday to our favorite Punkin!

My precious other mom since 1988...

We love you so much!!


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