Thursday, April 7, 2011

Errant Thought Roundup 26

I love, I love, I hate, I hate,
I like, I wish, for goodness sake...
I hope, I hope, I pray, I pray,
I will, I won't, and for today...

I love it when people have an innate ability to keep their lips buttoned. I don't have it - I have to work REALLY hard for it. Gossiping is in my nature (unfortunately), and I've worked since I was a teenager to keep it restrained. I do a decent job, but sometimes I wish it came easy.
I love doing work that I love.
I hate it when people are rude just because they don't know any better. Some people's mamas did a bad job.
I hate counting calories. What a thorn in my side, and now I do it without thinking.
I like my story.
I wish there were more hours in the day...I'd be a rock star at everything instead of "mediocre" or "moderately successful with a side of insane."
For goodness sake, don't be so stinking self conscious. Odds are, the other person is thinking too much about themselves to give a crap about your insecurities.
I hope Gone With the Wind stays as awesome throughout the remaining 4/5 of the book as it has been through the first 1/5. It's so good! And it makes me want to wear a hoop skirt and blush a lot.
I hope that one day I can write a book. I think I would like the therapy of it even if no one in the world read it.
I pray that I would continue to learn to pray better. There's no art to it if you approach it like a child, but I use extra-Chrispy buzz words in my prayers that God could probably care less about.
I pray that Sadie will grow up to be a woman of character, integrity, and grace. You can't teach those things...
I will get to work at 7:12 tomorrow morning. Because I'm taking the 6:40 train. If I get there early, no one can bother me and I can get some work done (how much of a curmudgeon do I sound like?).
I won't forget where I've been. I've been through enough seasons to be thankful in my present one.
And for today...Southern Disposition has 50 followers. That is so cool! I don't know what makes you stick around (and claim to stick around), but I'm so glad you're here! I owe you a present...maybe I should do a giveaway or something?



  1. I would enter your giveaway!

    Thanks for another Round Up!!


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