Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Got My Canvas(es)!

Do you remember when I got that super awesome Groupon deal from Canvas On Demand? Well...turns out my photo was too pixelated to come out well on the canvas, so they let me do two 8x10's instead of one 16x20. As it happens, I am just as content with two smaller canvases as I was with one big one!

I chose two of the new photos (instead of using the jumping on the bed one). The first one I put on the chest of drawers in our bedroom:

The second one I put on our writing desk in the kitchen:

Cute, right?! Canvas On Demand did such a great job with the photos, and they called and emailed me with questions and suggestions. Pretty awesome company - I will absolutely be ordering from them again.

Also, I think you should know that Apartment Therapy says that Christmas lights in the bedroom are becoming a big deal. Who's a trend setter? Who??


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