Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mary Poppins!

Because of the extra hours and lack of family time over the last several weeks at work, my company graciously offered me a choice of things that my family and I could do together as a "thank you." I chose the Mary Poppins Broadway musical, because I figured when else would we get to do something like that??

We decided to take the train to the city even though it was a rainy day...what good is an adventure without a train ride?

Here's Sadie waiting on our train:

And the two of us waiting on the bench:

We walked to the Academy of Music downtown for the show. First of all, I've never seen Philadelphia so look so beautiful...even on a dreary, rainy, windy Saturday, the area surrounding the Academy of Music was breathtaking city scenery. And you know I'm no city girl.

The inside of the Academy of Music is absolutely stunning (and ostentatious in the style of the easy money-grows-on-trees era). We had been unable to find our seats on the Academy of Music seating plan online, so we figured we'd find them once we got there.

Where in the world was row DDD? Well, I'll tell you where in the world row DDD was...

This is Sadie staring into the orchestra pit which was RIGHT IN FRONT OF US:

Here's the orchestra:

Yes, friends, our seats were on the very first row of the Academy of Music, right in front of the stage (well, right in front of the orchestra pit which was right in front of the stage)...and guess who was in the very center seat? Sadie had, quite literally, the *BEST* seat in the house. I swear, she has no idea how fortunate she day maybe.

Here's the house:

And check out the chandelier:

And these gorgeous boxes:

We weren't allowed to take any photos during the show...if I could have, I'd have snapped a million. It was AMAZING!! Sadie is now in love with Mary Poppins (who wouldn't be? She's perfect and she sings while she does everything...oh...and she flies). She flew over our heads at the end of the show, and Eric could have reached up and pulled off her perfect little 19th century-style boot if he had the inclination.

Sadie (and Eric and I) clapped enthusiastically at the end of every scene...I'm convinced that the front row is the way to go. Maybe we could possibly afford it if we just do it once a year? Maybe? When you go, go all out...right?

Between Acts, we got a couple of pics:

Sadie was disappointed when we told her she needed to get up and stretch her legs...she wanted to know when the "movie" was starting again. Bless.

After the show, we walked to Max Brenner which will henceforth be known in my home as, "that mecca on 15th Street that appeals to the basest of human needs: chocolate" We are a chocolate-lovin' family, and this place is our earthly version of paradise.

If you've never heard of Max Brenner...educate yourself. We skipped dinner and all three of us got desserts instead:

It was worth every last calorie...

It was an incredible Saturday - I love my family!

...and when you come to Philly to visit me, we're going to Max Brenner.



  1. Kendra! Guess what! I am going to be in Pennsylvania one week from Wednesday! We will be in Gettysburg, so not Philly, but still, it made me think of you! I miss you SO much. I love you!!!

  2. oh kendra!!!
    that is awesome!

    Im so glad you got to go. how wonderful that you got front row seats!

  3. yay!!! i was holding my breath as i pulled up your blog hoping the MP post would be up! seats in the house?!?! that's totally deserved it! i'm so glad y'all had such a great time :) and yes, that max place sounds DIVINE. love y'all! xo

  4. Oh, Sarah!! I'm so sad I won't get to see you and you'll be so close! Hugs from a few hours away :)

  5. what a wonderfully awesome day to spend together!!! Sounds like a great time..and how cool of your company to give you tix so you could spend time with your family...Love it!

  6. I know! Sad! But I do believe we will be driving through Philly on our way to the second half of our trip, so I'll be even closer! I love you!

  7. We love Max Brenner! Evan (and Keri for that fact) can barely contain himself there. We'll meet you there anytime!

  8. SCOTT! Totally!! We loved that place - you guys just let us know when you want to go :)


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