Friday, April 8, 2011

A Package on the Doorstep...

Nana sent us a present today! I don't know how you feel about care packages, but they are our lifeblood while we live away from family...seriously - best things in the universe. Today's was especially awesome though because it had something extra special in it...

Last month, my mom was watching my nieces, Emmie and Ayden, when they decided they should tie-dye some shirts. She sent me some photos of the girlies throughout the afternoon...

Here's my chocolate faced Emmie:

And my sweet Ayden Mae:

I could eat them both with spoons...and hug the stuffing out of them. Have you ever been an aunt? You should try was love at first sight for me with both of them.

And here are my two sweet girls modeling the pink and purple (of course) tie-dyed shirts they made with Nana that afternoon:
Do you see the little shirt between them?? came in the mail today, and my munchkin couldn't be more excited to finally have a shirt that matches her two favorite girls in the's Sadie in her shirt with her best model pose:

She's a natural...

Thank you, Nana for the shirt (and the other shirt...and the other shirt...and the scarf...and the candy...and the gift cards...and the Tangled DVD)! We love you!



  1. Tangled is the BEST movie EVER! Well, close to it anyways. It's definitely within my top five now!! Love this, Sadie is so precious! Love you!

  2. so precious!!!!!!!!!!! sadie is totally rocking the popped arm...i love it :) and i can't believe how big the girls are! yay for pictures!


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