Monday, May 30, 2011

Rhinestone Letter Project

Sadie and I knocked this one out in less than an hour - very quick and easy! You want one, right?
(Photo by Sadie - She's gettin' as snap happy as her mama!)

Elmer's Glue

Step 1: Paint the canvas:
We were pretty sure we wanted this one to be yellow.

Step 2: Draw out your letter
I just free-handed it and erased when I screwed up (one of the millions of awesome things about acrylic lets you erase!)

Step 3: Bling it up!
Paint on two inches of Elmer's glue at a time, and then adhere stones:
Sadie did most of the blinging all by herself :)

Step 4: Re-paint the canvas because yellow isn't the right color:

And that's it!
Sadie's bling-tastic "S" is now hung proudly in her play area. I think you could do this with doesn't have to be a rhinestone letter. Maybe buttons, feathers, fabric scraps, scrapbook paper?

Go forth and bling something.



  1. Kendra, I think the last line should become your new catch phrase(:
    I love you and miss you SO much!

  2. LOL - You're right...I think I'm going to start using it as a tag line ;) Love and miss you too, my friend!

  3. she's SO talented, just like her mommy :) and i agree, i like the greenish-aqua color much better than yellow! haha LOVE IT!

  4. After scrolling over various of your posts and of course reading them! I went to shop for canvas in my lunch-break. As they go by 3 I will ahve to make the other 2 for my nieces. Just need to decide on which color paint to use, find the correct glue and of course a whole bunch of rhinestones!

  5. Francisca, I'd love to see photos when you're done with them!!


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