Saturday, July 30, 2011

Making the Princess Fort

The pillow mattress tutorial has inspired me to create a post about the making of the princess here it goes!

The princess fort is a central hub of activity in our house. Every night, the three of us crawl in to cuddle (we don't have much of a choice in there) and read bedtime stories before Sadie goes to bed. It's a prime "hide-and-seek" location, and Sadie has even spent the night under there on her pillow mattress. We love it!

The basic ingredients are:
- Kura Bed
- Curtain
- Curtain Rod (we used a shower curtain tension rod)
- Comfyness (pillow mattress, pillows, blankets, etc.)
- Bookshelves (or toys)
- String lights

Curtain = Altered shower curtain from Target

Flower Lamp = Perpetual Kid (this was a Christmas present!)
Pennants (just added) = fabric from Joanne. Here's the tutorial. (their current location is like their 15th incarnation...I have pennant placement ADD).

String Lights = Target

(Use the slats - the ceiling of the princess fort is valuable real estate!)

Bookshelves = Kidcraft
Pillow Mattress = Here is the tutorial.

The little lacy ruffly things that you see in the pillow fort is the bottom of the canopy!
Canopy = IKEA - no longer in stock, but this one's cute :)

So there you have it...I think the underneath of the Kura bed has awesome potential. Do it up, kids.



  1. stumbled across your blog several months ago through a friend's blog... and i must say, i'm HEAD OVER HEELS for the "princess fort"!!! we've got a little girl... and i'm bookmarking this page for inspiration! thanks :)


  2. Thank you, Hannah!! I didn't set out to make a princess fort, but it has turned out to be my favorite spot in the house. :)

  3. How much space is there between the floor and the bottom of the bed? I am looking to get this for DD (with hopes of adding another child to her small room) and am trying to figure out what kind of space there will be underneath it. I am having the darndest time finding the height of the bottom space, so any help is greatly appreciated! Your designs are great, I hope to do something like that, too!

    1. Hi Trish - apologies for the delay in responding to this! I'm not at home right now to measure, but I think the height of the underneath area is around 3'. My daughter (4.5 years old) can't stand up in there, and when I sit up straight, my head hits the slats -- hopefully that's helpful!

  4. Oh my goodness! This is too cute! I long to have a little girl so that I can do all of these for her!

  5. Love this! I'm your newest follower :)

  6. Just got one of these beds tonight from Ikea. My wife and I love what you did with yours!

  7. Love it! Each of my kids have this bed and my daughter's has a dress up station under it. I wonder if we could rearrange and do this instead!

  8. We are moving soon into a new home in a new state and this would make a great new bedroom for my princess!

  9. love this! just curious, I looked at the Kura bed and it only comes in blue? did you cover the sides in that second photo? I get the feeling one side is white and the other side is blue? please help, I wanna make it look nice like yours :)

  10. This is perfect for our situation! Thank you so much for the inspiration!

    We live in a small cabin (on a ship!) and with one daughter and a bunk bed I'm all for ideas to make her little room more pretty and fun.
    I came to your blog via a friend who recommended your compact doll house for the same reasons above, and now I've looked around your site.. thank you again for sharing your ideas and your style. I'm a new fan!

  11. I absolutely love this and need to make one for my son. I love everything about it! And I *need* those bookshelves! Thank you for sharing.

  12. This would be fun to do in the bottom half of a closet too! I think I'll try it!

  13. Thank you for sharing your princess fort. We’re getting ready to transition our three year old to a big kid bed and this is perfect. Can you tell me how you went about adding the fabric to the panels on the bed. I especially like that part. Thanks again, Angel

    1. Hi Angel - I think you can find the info you need here:

      Good luck with your big kid bed!

  14. Love it. Now off to make it into a boys fort. :)

  15. Have been looking for a way to recreate the tent from the movie The Holiday and now going to use your idea as it can grow with our little girl. Thank you!!!

  16. This is just lovely! So adorable.


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