Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Make a Barbie Claw Foot Bathtub and Pedestal Sink

This is a tutorial from the DIY Three Ring Binder Barbie Dollhouse post. Enjoy!

You will need:
An oval dish (I used one from my cabinet that I hadn't used in years)
A finger bowl (Are they still called that? - got mine at Target for $3)
Four clip on earring backs
A candle holder (Target - $1.50)
Hot glue gun

Claw Foot Bathtub
Step 1: Hot glue the clip on earring backs to the oval dish...these will make the "claw feet" for the bathtub...totally stole this idea from someone on pinterest who stole it from someone else. SOMEONE out there is really smart.
Step 2 (optional): Paint some gold trim around the tub

Pedestal Sink
Step 1: Hot glue the candle holder and the finger bowl together
Step 2 (optional): Paint gold detailing around the "sink" and "pedestal"

Your final product should be some version of this:



  1. Totally, TOTALLY rad. And the 3 ring binder dolls house concept is inspired! Well done.
    I came here via a pin of your duvet cover/pillow case mattress which I'm hoping to replicate. Just wish we had IKEA!
    Thank you!

  2. I've been thinking of ways to make my daughter a dollhouse and I'm going to benefit from your tutorials! I currently have an Expedit shelving unit (from IKEA) in her room and I'm going to make a couple of the shelf cubbies into rooms. I love how yours is a 3-ring binder so it can easily be put away. And I love all the furniture you made!! Such great ideas.

  3. So cute and creative! Where did you find your mirrors?

    1. Hi Lydia - thank you! We got the bedroom mirror from a craft store, and the bathroom mirror off of ebay :)

  4. Amazing, My daughter has one of those big doll houses this one would be so nice she could play with it in any room or take it to gramma's I am going to try making this but i think you make it look easier then it is!

  5. So so cool and... amazing! If I still played with dolls I would start working on this right now! ;D


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