Sunday, October 14, 2012

Remember the 3-Ring Binder Doll House?

Last year, I made Sadie a three ring binder doll house for Christmas.  People thought I was crazy when I told them what I was doing and offered all sorts of fabulous suggestions about how you could DIY a doll house without using school supplies.  Despite their great suggestions, I had a very specific vision which I feel like I accomplished (for once) in Sadie's doll house.  She plays with it *all* the time - even a year later.

Today, while I was uploading pics from another project, Sadie was doing a little interpretive art in her play area out of my line of sight.

She took my gorgeous Barbie cards that I'd been saving (for what??  I have NO idea)...

...opened them up, and turned them into something I will never, ever, ever part with.  Ever.

Behold...Saturday afternoon interpretive art by Sadie:

Bedroom...check out the fancy Barbie portrait.  Also, the "B," I'm told, is for "bedroom."

 And  here we have the kitchen.  See the "k?"  Sadie's version, once again, has some killer Barbie portraiture.

 Living Room!  Check out the deer.  And the floor lamp.  And the "L" for "living room."

Per Eric, "um...this one is a little more abstract than the others."  Agreed.  Abstract and fabulous.  I especially love how she picked up the "wallpaper" in her version of the design. ;)

Ok, I realize she's five and that five-years-old comes with some level of ingenuity, but I think it's pretty awesome that she took a FOLDING card that happened to have Barbie on it and she turned it into her own artistic rendering of her Barbie doll house.  These are going in the box-o'-stuff to give to Sadie when she's 25.


  1. she gets it from her momma ;) genius! and so talented! p.s. super jealous she got to see a pig in the post below! haha love y'all! xo


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