Sunday, October 28, 2012

50 Fabulous Hand Made Christmas Gifts!

Fabulous, personal, and won't break the bank.  Here's a round-up of my favorite hand made Christmas gifts for 2012 - you have two months to get 'em done, sister...ready, set, GO!

1. Anthropologie Inspired Perched Harmonies Necklace
How gorgeous is this necklace?!

This one would be FABULOUS for the 3-5 set.

Hello, old t-shirts...I've been looking for a good reason to rip you to shreds.

Give the gift of exfoliation this Christmas - and for goodness sake, make sure the jar is pretty.  Like this one:

7. Bleach Pen Tee Shirts
You could use this technique on a bag, or a set of pillow cases, or a scarf...have fun, kids.

Adorable for kiddos, but wouldn't they be cute as hand warmers too?  Like for grownups?  They're rice filled, so you can heat them in the microwave OR leave them in the freezer - either way, boo boos don't have a chance.

This is from Martha Stewart, so she probably got the "papier" for the pull toys from the California redwoods in her back yard, but even mortals could probably find a way to source paper, right?  Super cute.

The tutorial says this is the best play dough ever.  I don't know if that's true (cuz I haven't made it), but it certainly is the prettiest play dough ever.

Do you ever see tutorial photos and think, "I wish the adorable kid was also available at AC Moore!"  No?  Just me?  This is a sweet headband for a little girl:

13. Bookmarks and Journal Wraps
You know...for your friends who still read actual books.  Like me.  :)

Another Anthro inspiration - these take a little more time because you have to make the paper beads, but I could totally see them done with plain beads -- so pretty!

I have a couple of friends that I really want these for...they're not getting them this year (sorry, guys!), but only because I don't have the time...maybe next year, ladies!

16. Chalkboard Mug
I am not typically a fan of the mug craft.  This one is a definite exception - how adorable!  

17. Circle Zip Ear Bud Pouch

Our family uses cloth napkins almost exclusively (paper towels for back up).  I love this as a gift idea!

A friend of mine made one of these, and I'm in love with it!

20. Coffee Cup Sleeves
I am trending green...I heart this.

21. Cement Coasters
Everyone uses coasters.  And if they don't, they freaking should.  These cement ones are rugged and manly and protect your grandma's heirloom cherry coffee table. All kidding aside, if you're making me coasters this Christmas, I want these.

22. Lace Decoupaged Vases
Lace is IN, sister...make this happen:

23. Doily Tins
This isn't so much a gift in itself, but if you're going to bake cookies, why not put them in a beautiful doily tin?

24. Easy Quilt
I don't know if it's as easy as it says, but if so, you and I don't really have a good excuse not to make one.

25. Etched Pint Glasses
This is Eric's favorite kind of glass for EVERYTHING.  Merry Christmas, honey.  Just kidding - he doesn't read my blog...but he's totally getting these. :)

Had to post two sets of coasters because WOW - these are beautiful!

28. Gift Card Cozies
Another gift that is actually not the main gift...too adorable not to share, though!

29. Ice Cream Sundae Kit 
If you're going to make this, promise me you'll make it as pretty as this one:

I had one of these when I was growing up!!  And a spoon bracelet!  Make one of these for the tween in your life...she'll adore it.  (Does anyone else hate the word tween, btw?)

32. Tin Letterpress Clock

33. Lip Balm
I love lip balm...and look at these cute tins!
These would be fun with tiny photos...

36. Hand Carved Monogrammed Soap
Yes, you read that correctly - this was carved by hand.  Beautiful, isn't it?

37.  Pantone Paint Chip Magnets

38. Pie in a Jar
Again - it's all about the presentation - how cool would this be for a teacher or co-worker gift?!

39. Reversible Cafe Apron

40. Ruffle Flower Scarf

41. Silhouettes

42. Spa Scrub and Sponge

I'm a sucker for a pretty DIY jewelry piece.

44. Wine Bag
Giving someone wine for Christmas?  You can make it twice as awesome with this:

45. Stenciled Cake Stand

46. Teacup Candles
Candles are the perfect gift.  Put 'em in a cup.

Ok, so you'd have to know someone pretty intimately to assume that you can accurately gauge their floor mat preferences, but let's just all admit right now that this is a fabulous DIY project.

Another excuse to make dessert...

49. Tiny Polaroid Magnets
These are sensational - I wish I had thought of them.

50. Vintage Bookmarks

Have fun creating!!  People who post tutorials *love* to know that their ideas are being put to good use! :)

I know you're a good person, so I just want to remind you that good people cite the original creators when they reuse an idea online.  They also don't sell others' work without asking for permission.  

These are some stellar DIY ideas...if you are the original creator of any of the above, thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with the rest of us!

I can't believe I'm already saying this, but...Merry Christmas!

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