Monday, February 25, 2013

Week Fifteen Bump

Holy smokes...week 15 already.

Yes, I realize I look 25 weeks pregnant in this photo...I'm told this is what happens with the second that true?  Because if not, this is going to be ONE BIG BABY.

Feeling thankful.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Love Notes on Napkins

This was written on a napkin at our case you can't interpret "5 year old" - it says, "Isaac [heart] Sadie."  I asked her about it...apparently Isaac is her boyfriend.   Before her daddy had a chance to tell her that she can't have a boyfriend until she's 37, the following conversation ensued:

Me:  "Oh?  Does he know that he's your boyfriend?"
Sadie:  "Yep."
Me:  "How does he know?"
Sadie:  "'Cause I told him."

Sounds about right.  :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Date Night With My Favorite Girl

I *love* hanging out with my daughter.  I'm not just saying that so that one day her 30 year old self will be digging through my blog archives and see it.  [Sadie Ann, if you're reading this at age 30, call your mother!]  I actually, honestly, genuinely love being around her.  I told a dear friend of  mine tonight that if she weren't mine, I would wish she was.  That has been true from the moment she was born and will continue to be true for eternity.

On Saturday, we got to have an extra special Mommy/Sadie date night.  I made reservations at a special restaurant that has probably never had a 5 year old in it.  They were SO wonderful.  When I called to make the reservation, I asked them to make it at the start of the dinner service so that we wouldn't interrupt anyone's date nights.  They couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating.  Remind me to write a review.

A few of my favorite moments from the night:

1) The hostess told us, "You ladies are looking lovely this evening."  Which of course was enough to make Sadie feel like this was exactly where she wanted to be.

2) AND THEN!!  My favorite thing since Disney World happened: The server, after going over the features (which included things like duck confit and she-crab soup), turned to Sadie and said, "And not featured on our menu this evening, we have a few additional special items:  Grilled Cheese, chicken fingers, and buttered pasta."  [as if those had ever been featured on that menu in the history of the restaurant's existence]

"I think I'll have the grilled cheese tonight," said the wee one.

I don't know the dude, but he made my daughter feel special...I was his biggest fan that night.

3) Every time Sadie made a move at the restaurant, she said, "Mommy, is this how fancy people ______?"
 - eat grapes? (pinky up, of course)
 - drink their water? (lips pursed)
 - use their napkin? (dab, dab, dab...flutter eyelashes)
Yes, Fancy Pants, you're doing it just right.

4) There was local artwork on the walls, and my little art critic evaluated every piece. "I think I like the rainbow one the best.  The flowers are also nice."  "Um...I don't really love that one, but this one is very pretty.  Look at that one with the city!  And that one with the beach!"  

5) After dinner, the server came to the table and asked, "Do we want to perhaps think about a dessert tonight?"  And I said, "I think we could talk about some dessert."  

When he went to grab the tray, Sadie looked at me with a serious face and said, intently, "Well, Mommy.  I had a cookie today, and you had a bite of it.  That is a treat, but it's not a very big one.  I think it would be fine for us to have a dessert here tonight."  Quite the negotiator.  We had Nutella cheesecake with was as delicious as it looks.

When we left the restaurant, we went to see the North Carolina Dance Theater perform a few modern ballet pieces in their "Innovative Works" show.  The poster for the show (pictured below) has a man in dance pants, ballet shoes, and an unbuttoned top.  Upon seeing the poster, my (fresh-from-the-school-of-fancy) daughter pointed at it and said, "Um.  That is inappropriate."  

Speaking of inappropriate, I caught her getting WAY into the music when we were waiting to get into the show...

And then, obviously, there comes a point where you become too far into the rhythm to stop yourself.  Enjoy this little masterpiece of dance artistry:

Monday, February 11, 2013

Lollipop Butterfly Valentines!

We shamelessly stole this idea from Pinterest with a few minor can steal the original here!  It's printable (which I didn't realize until just now), so the original is probably a little more user-friendly (read:  less time consuming) than the one you're about to see.

Sadie and I pored over Pinterest for an easy Valentine craft for her class.  We probably looked at 50 to 75 different crafts, but she kept coming back to this one...I can't imagine why.

Pretty Valentine's Paper.  If you use scrapbook paper, you can get nine butterflies per sheet!
Googley Eyes
Glue.  We used the super duper strong stuff for the eyeballs, and the regular Elmer's to glue the two butterfly parts together.  
A pen

Step 1:  Cut out little butterfly templates.  We did two layers - one inner layer (small and decorative) and one outer layer (the larger plain pink one).  So easy.  Fold your paper and then cut a little letter B into it.  Open it up.  Voila...butterfly.  I used templates so that all of our butterflies would be relatively the same shape and size, but if you want to wing it (ha!), go for it, mama.
Step 2:  Glue your inner layers to your outer layers.

Step 3:  Write a happy little Valentine message.  We decided on "Valentine, you make my heart flutter! --From Sadie"  Clever lasses, aren't we?  

Step 4:  Snip two little holes into the center of the butterfly for the lollipop (I just folded it half and put two tiny slits).  Word to the wise:  Cut near the bottom...the lollipop wrapper tends to sit pretty low on the stick, so to keep the appropriate center of balance, it works better if the slits are near the bottom.  I know it sounds  a little neurotic, but just trust me on this one.  No one likes an out of balance butterfly.

Step 5:  Insert lollipops!

Step 6:  Glue on little googley eyes with anything in the world but Elmer's glue (unless you want little googley eyes all over your floor/car/backpack/classroom.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sadie's Gonna Be a Big Sea Star!

To let Sadie in on the big surprise that she is about to be a big sister, we planned a special family night out.  We took her out to Sweet Frog (a frozen yogurt shop), and after we were done with our treats, we gave her a little book that I had made and bound for's what it looked like:

Here's her reading her book for the first time (and finding out that she's going to be a sister!!).  This was the most exciting moment so far by a mile...I love being a mommy.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Infertility Part V - Did I Say Part IV Was the Final Update?

I know what it's like to come face-to-face with infertility.  Other women have that, but not me...right?  I know what it's like to be in treatment for weeks that turn into months and months that turn into years.  To have injections, pills, fertility calendars, and all manner of embarrassing procedures and invasive questions.  I know what it feels like to get on a roller coaster of hope every month.  I know what it feels like to have multiple reproductive specialists tell me that I'm unlikely to ever conceive again with any non-surgical treatment.  I know what it feels like to be emotionally finished.  to crash for     one     last    time    at the end of a hard fought battle against my infertility.  To finally give up.  To throw in the towel, to mourn the lap full of babies I would never hold, and to resign myself to keeping the ones I lost in my heart.

You know what else I know?  I know that by God's sweet grace and perfect timing, exactly one year from the day we gave up, I will be holding a brand new baby in my arms again.

Ask me if I believe in miracles.

You can read our infertility journey here:

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