Hi Friends!  My name is Kendra, and I started Southern Disposition as a way to catalogue my family's journey.  I am married to Eric, the only person on the planet who understands me inside and out and loves me despite that.  Together, we have two incredible children.  Sadie is the jewel in my crown - the sweet little sunshine that makes every day an amazing adventure, and Miles is my darling - my perfect, squishy little man, and my favorite miracle.  I've come to realize that the human heart has a capacity for love that is completely inarticulable.

What began as an online journal to keep our friends and family informed on the crazy things that are (always) happening in our life has gradually turned into a place where I can get all of my thoughts, projects, memories, ideas, and rants out in a semi-organized manner.  If you're visiting, you'll probably see posts about:  crafts/projects, parenting ideas, mommy frustrations (and wins!), streams of consciousness, and our life and adventures.  I also write about my faith under relevant circumstances (or irrelevant ones if I feel like it).  I love Jesus - He calls me things like "beloved" and "precious"...how could I not love Him?  This blog is my therapy, and if it's ever therapeutic for you, then I feel honored to have been a part of that.  My therapist fee is craft supplies and babysitter swapping.

Enough about me - what about you?  I'm ecstatic that you stopped by, and I would love to hear from you!  Please don't be shy - leave a message and let me know you were here!

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